My Week Ahead

Posted by Julie on July 25, 2014 under Hobbies | Comments are off for this article

As a free-lance photographer I have a very interesting week ahead of me with a very busy schedule to follow.

Monday: The Lord Mayor’s Charity Night at the Town Hall. Two hundred and fifty guests including the Mayor himself to photograph.

Tuesday: A group photo of a class of children from a local primary school who have won an award for environmental awareness.

Wednesday: The church wedding of a local celebrity. TV cameras will also be there.

Thursday: An opening evening for a London escort agency that is expecting some high-profile guests.

Thursday: The arrival of a white tiger at London Zoo.

Friday: A Vintage Car Rally

I am looking forward to all of the photographic events lined up especially as I will using some of the latest equipment that I have just bought. The arrival of the white tiger will be a particularly good opportunity to get some great shots.

Valentines Day Disaster

Posted by Julie on July 17, 2014 under Hobbies | Comments are off for this article

I took my girlfriend to a hotel for the weekend for Valentines Day and it ended up being a huge disaster. We were having a great time at the poolside bar having drinks and then taking a dip in the pool throughout the day to cool off.

She was a little upset when this woman that knew me came up to me and talked to me for like twenty minutes. All I kept thinking in my head is that she is going to be pretty upset with me. The skinny blonde finally quit talking to me and strutted away and looking so beautiful.

I turned to my girlfriend and of course I had to answer one thousand questions, I finally had to tell her that she is my fuck buddy stalking me. She started crying, broke up with me and I have not heard from her ever since that day.

A trip up north

Posted by Julie on July 11, 2014 under Dating | Comments are off for this article

If you are planning a trip up north why not do something really exciting like making a date with one of the Newcastle escorts who are happy to meet you at a venue of your choice and keep you company for as long as you like? Most of the girls will extend the time you have booked with them so if you really get on well and want to party through the night you can just go with the flow. Everybody seems to be doing it these days. The girls are all really beautiful and there’s the added benefit of no strings attached. Some of them offer overnight stays so for a bit of extra cash you can spend the entire night with them. Just remember not to get too drunk and fall asleep half way through the night though!  This is what every young man with a hot and horny steamy libido dreams of.